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Let us professionally refinish your kitchen cabinets in the colour of your choice. We use only the best quality products and equipment to ensure the job is done right. We clean, sand, prime and lacquer to a beautiful finish.

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Kitchen Cabinet Spraying

Add a fresh coat of lacquer to breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets. Custom colours are available.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Revitalize your kitchen with our cabinet refacing service. Choose from a wide range of styles and finishes.


Upgrade your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics with our premium countertop options.

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Yes. We have a work shop setup to do all the cleaning, sanding and spraying.

Paint has its place but NOT on kitchen cabinets. Paint belongs on walls. We use lacquer for all our finishes to give the best and most durable results possible. If you would like to know the difference do a google search and it will be clear that lacquer is the way to go

We spray every exterior part of your kitchen cabinets. We do not use brushes or rollers like some other companies do as they will not give you a high quality finish.

We use Graco spray systems. Top of the line equipment to ensure we give you the best results possible. We use a combination of both HVLP as well as airless systems.

The whole process takes approximately 10 days.

First, we remove the doors and drawer fronts and take them to our shop to be professionally refinished.
We then clean and degrease the remaining boxes and trim in your home. Followed by masking all areas of the kitchen to be protected.
Once everything is prepared in your home we bring our spray system and apply shellac based primer and a lacquer finish. The doors also get cleaned, sanded, primed and lacquered. Finally we bring the doors back to your home and reinstall and align them. We also install any new hardware at this time.

We start by applying 1-2 coats of primer. Then we sand after priming and apply a minimum of 2 coats of lacquer but will apply more if needed. 

You can choose any color you want. Simply go to Sherwin Williams.

Yes, we provide a 5 year warranty on any peeling of our finish.

Absolutely. We have a lot of super happy customers and we would be more than happy to pass along their contact info if you would like to speak to any of them.

Once we have given you a quote and you are ok with the price given we will make an appointment to come take a closer look at your kitchen. We then take a booking deposit and reserve a date for your project.

We also sell cabinet hardware like knobs and pulls and also sell and install countertops.

No. We cover all openings to the adjacent rooms so that no fumes or dust will get to those areas. We also vent everything out so most of the fumes escape the home. Finally, we use waterborne lacquer.

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